Waiting for deliveries statistics in Germany

* More than 1 in 5 (21%) of customers in Germany that had to wait in the last 12 months have lost salary waiting for an appointment in the year gone by.
* 43% have lost an annual leave day waiting for a service or delivery.
* 57% cancelled or changed personal plans because of having to wait for an appointment.
* On average, companies made the Germans wait twice as long for appointments, as the respondents were expecting.

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One Response to “Waiting for deliveries statistics in Germany”
  1. wewaitforyou says:

    As per the news section on House Sitter’s http://www.wewaitforyou.co.uk an update on this posting:

    The results of the survey show that waiting for an in-home service or delivery is a costly proposition for both consumers and businesses. Based on the survey’s findings, German adults collectively wasted millions of hours waiting in the past year. Companies that ignore the reality of consumer’s time lost and the frustration that comes with waiting do so at their own risk,” said Richard Alden, President of TOA Technologies Europe. “There’s been a long-standing business assumption that customer service improvements are a non-value expense, but the opposite is actually true. Investments in solutions like TOA’s ETA direct help reduce wait windows to improve customer service, while lowering operational costs, creating an important competitive edge for service providers.

    At http://www.wewaitforyou.co.uk this is why we set up the house sitting service, aiming to save people time, costs and inconvenience.

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