So you want to be a longer term house sitter, say in Wimbledon? Here’s how!

I can’t say that I have any expert knowledge of house sitting in locations in Europe or the States (or any other continent!) despite the fact that I am the owner/initiator of a Wimbledon based house sitting company) but I am an expert on something often known as house sitting.

The kinds of house sitting options I’m going to share with you about are available to anyone, anywhere in the world with an email address who can get on the web to check for offers of house sitting jobs (and then get themselves to the owner’s property, of course). If you’re hoping that you would like to house-sit to make extra money, you will be proven wrong. Because if you advertise your house sitting services with an online matching service such as mine, you won’t be paid a penny for your efforts. In fact, you’ll be paying for your share of the bills during your house sitting assignment (and you may be even be asked for a security deposit).

Why would anyone work as a longer term house sitter for free?
There are a lot of people in this big world of ours who are keen to trade their house and pet sitting services for accommodation in their searched for locations, say in Wimbledon, London. For the right person, minding any given property is not a chore but an opportunity. And the Internet is the tool with which home owners can find that motivated and enthusiastic ‘right person’ to mind their house. Take me, for example, I would fly to Wimbledon to house sit for any home owner in that glorious city who cared to offer me an assignment lasting a few months or even more. But I don’t think that someone from Wimbledon would be so enthusiastic about trading their house sitting services for free accommodation.

Who does it?
People look for house sitting jobs for all sorts of reasons. Many house sit in their local area while trying to save a deposit for their own home. Others, such as writers and IT workers, may not need to live in one location to earn a living, instead enjoying the freedom of moving between house sitting jobs. Some house sitters are looking for an opportunity to practice their foreign languages on a tight budget. Academics are expected to study overseas for certain periods and find that house sitting is a good way to do this. Retirees are also keen house sitters. With fewer work and family links, house sitting provides older people an opportunity for a change of scene without the hassle of carrying luggage around between hotels.

But some house sitters get paid some money, right?
Would you like to be paid for short term live-in pet sitting jobs over summer or alternative holiday times (Christmas, Easter etc) you’re more than welcome to register with one of the traditional house sitting agencies that exist out there – try in Wimbledon. These type of agencies operate on a particular known business model. They match house sitters to house sitting jobs whilst charging home owners a daily fee which is more than they pay out to their staff. You will be required to provide good references and you may be subject to security vetting before being registered with them. So-called professional house sitters (they do it for money) can make a nice bit of money if they’re flexible and willing to care for any number of properties while on house sitting assignment. England based workers have recently won a victory under the UK’s National Minimum Wage Act 1998 which stipulates that they were working while on assignment and were entitled to the minimum wage.

What is a free house sitter required to do then?
While the home owner is away on holiday or for work, everything continues in the property as normal. Invoices need to be paid to keep services running, plants need watering, gardens need to be maintained, mail and phone messages may need to be managed, and pets need to be taken care of or kept company. While the relationship between home owner and house sitter based on trust, the house sitter is working for the home owner. The house sitter agrees to stay at the home owner’s property for an agreed period. Generally the house sitter is required to be in the property most parts of the day (although, this will be negotiable), giving the property its occupied appearance to deter burglars and other criminals. Often, there will be animals to care for. The home owner is eligible to ask their house sitter to perform any other duties in order to maintain the property. (Of course the house sitter is able to decline any unappealing offers.)

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  1. wewaitforyou says:

    A little more detail as follows:

    This detail is useful for the longer term house sitting, whilst we at ‘We Wait For You’ only provide short term house sitting i.e. waiting for deliveries or workmen. Here you can read up on how it works:

    What costs does the house sitter in Wimbledon have?
    The house sitter pays for all their own daily requirements while on the job and generally needs to agree to replace all of the home owner’s that they consume or use. Before the house sitting job starts, the parties need to stipulate who is responsible for what costs. Generally, any costs of maintaining the property should be for the owner, whereas the sitter takes care of a share of the utility bills. A security deposit may also be needed by the home owner to insure against any damages caused by the house sitter. This is negotiable of course and shouldn’t be more than the cost of a month’s rent.

    Some home owners require their house sitter to pay a limited rental fee of some kind while bing on the job in Wimbledon. While this goes against the spirit of house sitting, it can, however, make sense to engage in this kind of deal in high-rent cities such as Wimbledon, London or New York.

    Read more on our website

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