Online Purchases – Late Deliveries at 25%

This is an article I came across on, which reconfirms there is a need for services such as provides. Whether it is waiting for all kinds of home deliveries, a workman or plumber to finish his job properly, or to re-deliver goods first delivered at their office, and then re-delivered at a time suitable to the customer. This is why:

Online shops selling all types of products were faced with a difficult set of circumstances. The usual increase in demand in the run up to Christmas was worsened by the snow and the disruption this caused to all of the delivery networks. 28% of respondents who had received their goods late before said that they would never buy again from the retailer who had failed them. The problem with this is that most retailers experienced the same issue.

The online marketplace is very competitive. Customers are never more than a few clicks away from a competitors website. Within 6 seconds of arriving at a site, potential customers will decide whether to stay or not. Customers expect to see a huge range of products at the lowest of prices, to enjoy a smooth checkout and met with excellent customer service. One retailer we spoke to fared much better compared to most and received very few complaints for late delivery. Key to this success was that messages were displayed prominently across their suite of sites to let customers know when they could expect delivery or when certain delays were expected – with the goal of keeping the customer informed.

the key to keeping our customers happy is keeping them informed, some delays due to bad weather were unavoidable but where delays of more than a day were predicted we let our customers know.


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