Are we micro short term house sitting, luxury concierges?

For a while now I thought about how to promote our house sitting service, run from Wimbledon in most London areas. Because it is still a new service, net surfers will not straight away enter the service we look for in Google. Also, I’m struggling with the key words.

So, my question is.. what should I call it?

Technically, we are house sitting. We provide house sitters but only for a short term. Usually not for longer than a day, unless a range of deliveries are being made over a few days. This could happen with the bigger deliveries such as bathrooms, kitchens and similar. But our potential website visitors would not necessarily enter ‘short term house sitters’ in combination with a location, say Putney or Chelsea.

Then I spoke with Nick Rink (he can be found on twitter with user name @nick_rink or professionally, @onvizi) and he has given me a range of advice which will help with the SEO activities, especially in combination with Social Media (a massive thank you to Nick). He mentioned the ‘concierge’ word, which I think in combination with ‘home’ and a location describes the luxury nature of it. The service indeed attracts the more busy (time poor) and solvent (cash rich) customers, although it will not only save most people money, but also annual leave days and stress or inconvenience.

And of course our other main service is to receive parcels at our office on behalf of customers, which we will then be re-delivering at times and places which are suitable for our clients. How to promote that?

This leaves the following main options:
1. short term house sitters (or short term house sitting)
2. micro house sitting (a new term I made up but am not so enthusiastic about any longer)
3. luxury home concierge service.
4. re-delivery service (too short to explain the crux?)

Obviously, combinations are possible, such as luxury house sitting, or concierge house sitting etc

It would help if you, dear reader, let me know your opinion.
What suits our company best. How should we promote and explain our service to our potential customers, and it should of course relate to how the surf the net, what terms they would enter through Google?

Looking forward to hear your opinions!


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