We Wait For You is pleased to announce the imminent listing for ‘The Big Idea of 2010’ awards.

We Wait For You has caught the attention of neutral marketing website, located in central London. The business idea of our ‘Short term home concierge service, waiting for deliveries, collections, workmen, plumbers, electricians and more’ has been spotted by neutral marketing agency ‘The Big Idea 2010’. has been listed here, whilst awaiting the … Continue reading

Are we micro short term house sitting, luxury concierges?

For a while now I thought about how to promote our house sitting service, run from Wimbledon in most London areas. Because it is still a new service, net surfers will not straight away enter the service we look for in Google. Also, I’m struggling with the key words. So, my question is.. what should … Continue reading

Watching paint dry in Wimbledon, London

Ever wondered where ‘watching paint dry on a rainy day’ originates from? Must have to do with home deliveries in Merton and Wimbledon. This is why was initiated. Considering the good responses, I’m not the only one experiencing difficulties!

We Wait For You & New Media

A lot of work has gone into promoting We Wait For You on the web. To increase chances for visitors and potential customers, we have presented ourselves on a variety of media, in order to gain traffic, mainly from Wimbledon and Merton residents: We’re available on Facebook, Linkedin, this blog and forums! Here’s an article … Continue reading

So you want to be a longer term house sitter, say in Wimbledon? Here’s how!

I can’t say that I have any expert knowledge of house sitting in locations in Europe or the States (or any other continent!) despite the fact that I am the owner/initiator of a Wimbledon based house sitting company) but I am an expert on something often known as house sitting. The kinds of house sitting … Continue reading

Waiting for deliveries statistics in Germany

* More than 1 in 5 (21%) of customers in Germany that had to wait in the last 12 months have lost salary waiting for an appointment in the year gone by. * 43% have lost an annual leave day waiting for a service or delivery. * 57% cancelled or changed personal plans because of … Continue reading

The Cost of Waiting for businesses [Video].

A YouTube video from TOA Technologies about the results of looking at the costs of waiting and how it impacts customer service.

Online Purchases – Late Deliveries at 25%

This is an article I came across on, which reconfirms there is a need for services such as provides. Whether it is waiting for all kinds of home deliveries, a workman or plumber to finish his job properly, or to re-deliver goods first delivered at their office, and then re-delivered at a time … Continue reading